Cathy Price

We bring an extensive background in business development, operations, diverse HR strategies, and experiences to the table.

Our story begins with me, Cathy Price, relocating to the Washington, DC area for a new position as a HR Director at a top architectural firm. It was my very first direct experience in managing HR in a government contracting. I learn a lot being a novice at government contracting compliance. Soon, I gained the knowledge and more experience in the field until I mastered HR in government contracting. 

My “ah moment” came when the owners of firm entrusted me in developing their HR department from the bottom. I new I had something. Other HR professionals sought out my expertise of the industry. Then at networking events, I met owner-executives who shared their frustration story of being the HR practitioner in their growing company and all the headaches and stress that came with trying to figuring out payroll, benefits, policies and procedures, government compliance regulations while hiring and managing people on a first major contract. 

There it was…my niche, the marriage of government contracting and human resources management. was born.